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Water Treatment and Waste Management

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Production Chemicals and Services.

Oil & Gas Transportation

Water Treatment

Waste Treatment & Waste Management

Tank Cleaning

Oil Spill Response, including chemicals and equipments.

Cleaning Well, Station and Rig


Boiler and cooling water treatment


Professional Team For Your Business

PT Catur Inti Chemical develop and commercialise technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product stream,

including chemical manufacturer, integrated marketing for specialty and comodity products.


ISO Standard for Safety, Management & Quality

PT. Catur Inti Chemical, we recognise the growing need for countries to secure supply of chemicals and our technical expertises give the best solutions to customers’ needs.

Catur Inti Chemical’s new value chain-based operating model came into effect in 2011.

We Focus on Sustainability, Value and Growth

Our focus is creating value sustainably and we are proud to be taking this company, to new frontiers.

Our goal is deliver value growth and best-in-class performance, and our mission is constantly improve, mastering science and technology.






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PT. Catur Inti Chemical with more than 15 years industry expertise, we sure every process and task delivered successfully
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Professional Skills & Safety

Integrity and professional management to provide best performance for the industry

Reliability and Support

We deliver reliability teams and support for the business solutions

Deliver Our Best

With our industry expertise and ISO standard, we make sure every process is accurate and hassle free to for our customers

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